Cohesion Conference

'The Cohesion conference was very enlightening and it was interesting to work with a mix of people on our table from various backgrounds.'

'Engaging event.  I would like to see partnership working and progress.'

'Very professional event!'

'Brill conference!'

Equality and Diversity Workshops

'Had a brilliant time, learned a lot and now I can tell the difference between a lot of things. ' (Age 21)

'It was very well delivered and cannot fault Tracy or Jill in the slightest. Very fun atmosphere and all content was relevant and well presented. Good use of team work as well! ' (Age 22)

'Very well presented, good content and group discussion.' (Age 60)

'Really enjoyed the open discussions and opinions from other perspectives.'

Personal Destination Mapping (PDM) Programme

Excellent programme with tangible outcomes; its designed to crystallise what you are truly passionate about, with clear structure that allows for continuity and building. (Participant)

The whole process made me feel more confident as I personally was going through a different journey.  Now I need to start working on my limiting beliefs and put energy behind what I truly believe in. (Participant)

Understanding one's self can be quite a skill and realising what you want out of life can be equally challenging. Working through the process, the team have been able to focus on themselves personally and professionally which has given them some direction of where they want to be in life.

I have personally seen them achieve more confidence and have the ability to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses. Leading people can be difficult at times, knowing and understanding your team is a major benefit for any organisation that believe in their people and wants to empower them.  This is crucial for any business that wants to achieve success and make it a better place for everyone to work in." - Business Advisor, Local Business Centre