Our Mission

To ensure Equality and Inclusion are at the heart of all community and business activities. 

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Our Vision

Eventually there won't be a need for an organisation like ours, as Equality and Inclusion will be fully integrated into all aspects of modern life.

The Equality Practice (TEP), was established in January 2016, by Tracy Todd and Jill Wilson.  They were later joined by a local business woman, Iwona Frazczcak, a Polish national, and Business Entrepreneur Thelma Hairwadzi, a Zimbabwean national.

The team are leaders in their field of community, organisational, personal and professional development, accounting, project design, and project and event management.

The Equality Practice works at grassroots and a strategic level, challenging and championing, informing and guiding, and building confidence and relationships that enable and empower people to participate fully, and to make informed  and inclusive decisions that affect all.

The Equality Practice designs and delivers innovative events, and training and workshops, to encourage the creation of Inclusive Cultures.  It manages multi-organisational initiatives, working with businesses, the third sector and local communities.