Forum Rules


Why have rules?

Rules are for the safety of everyone.  This forum is a safe place and one that is supportive.  The rules are for everyone.  If you do not agree with the rules, then you do not have to use the forum. 

These rules were developed by discussing them with people from our workshops.  When contributing, please imagine you are saying something to a friend, who is standing in front of you.  If you would not say it to them, then please do not put it up on our forum.  Remember, words can hurt, and we want people to walk away feeling happier than when they signed on, not regretting they joined.


  1. The forum is a positive, supportive place.  It is not a place to moan, be negative or sarcastic.  It is a place to share your learnings, your successes and celebrate with others.

  2. Only those who have signed up for and are currently taking, or have taken, the Me-Learning Programme and accepted the rules may access it.  Codes are a one-time access and may not be shared with anyone else.

  3. Anyone abusing the forum, i.e. using it for personal gain and/or advertising without the permission of the owners, will be taken off the forum.

  4. If you want to share your personal details, it is your responsibility.

  5. Sharing other peoples’ details and/or their comments is not permitted. This is a safe place.

  6. This forum does not have a constant monitoring system, however, any complaint will be taken seriously and investigated.  If an infringement has taken place, a participant may be asked to leave.


Please report any infringements using the contact form below.

We will try our very best to address it.

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