Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Equality Practice works passionately to support individuals and companies to benefit from creating and valuing diverse and inclusive workplaces.  We are trail blazing initiatives across the UK, working with the third sector, EFL Trusts and the Home Office. We are proud to say our project designs for inclusion have been used as templates for further work across the UK.  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

The Equality Practice delivers fun, non-academic workshops to businesses, individuals and community groups. It works to help businesses and communities recognise the value of practicing Inclusion.  It highlights the law surrounding The Equality Act 2010, what Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is,  and how it can help attract talent, retain talent, attract new clients/customers and help avoid legal challenges, that can be costly and embarrassing. 


Practicing Inclusion helps you to ensure the talent within your teams are realised, leadership skills are enhanced, unconscious bias is challenged, and that your organisation can attract and retain talent.  Essentially, practicing inclusion helps safe costs and create profit!

Inclusive practises supports and strengthens economic growth and a sense of safety in our businesses and communities.  


The Equality Practice build knowledge and capacity to enable and empower organisations and individuals towards engaging in fair and sound practices.  


Why practice Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?  It helps ensure:

- all people/employees/communities are listened to 
- all are able to participate and voice their views without fear or reprisal 
- all are treated fairly and equally at all times
- all have equal and fair chances to access life enhancing opportunities 
- all feel equally valued & experience a sense of loyalty and      
- all are able to work to full capacity and participate fully
- all comply with The Equality Act 2010 helping avoid costly and embarrassing legal challenges


Contact us:

Email: info@theequalitypractice.co.uk

Telephone: 07523 960723 / 07722117535



Equality and Diversity Workshops


'Had a brilliant time, learned a lot and now I can tell the difference between a lot of things. ' (Age 21)

'It was very well delivered and cannot fault Tracy or Jill in the slightest. Very fun atmosphere and all content was relevant and well presented. Good use of team work as well! ' (Age 22)

'Very well presented, good content and group discussion.' (Age 60)

'Really enjoyed the open discussions and opinions from other perspectives.'

Cohesion Conference


'The Cohesion conference was very enlightening and it was interesting to work with a mix of people on our table from various backgrounds.'


'Engaging event.  I would like to see partnership working and progress.'


'Very professional event!'


'Brill conference!'