Me-Learning, a Free Personal Development program for unemployed women 19+

&Your route to your success!

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How Warriors are Made

It's the best thing you can do for yourself, but don't take our wordfor it.  Watch below, see what other women say!

'Me-Learning', the personal empowerment programme.  Once called, Personal Destination Mapping (PDM), it is now simply called 'Me-Learning'! 

Women leave the course with a fresh sense of who they are, a powerful self belief, a greater understanding of their strengths and skills, and have an overall appreciation for what their abilities are. and what they can achieve.  Women say their 'confidence and self-esteem grow, as does their sense of purpose and self-belief.'  

Me-Learning will help you think about what to do next and to help change and improve your life for the better. 

FREE for women not in paid employment.  You are not excluded if you work, but you may be asked for a fee or donation, dependent on your level of income.  This helps support the free places for women not in paid work.

Whether in employment or not, your next best move is to contact us.  Check out the video clips below.

Meet the Me-Learning Crew 

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Kimberly Naylor
Clare Elborgy
Carol Lorenz
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Tracy Todd
Jill Wilson
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“She believed she could, so she did!
― R. S. Grey

 Now it time to do what's best for you!
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To get more information about Me-Learning, whether for the classes or the online courses, fill in our contact box below.  Or if you think you already want to sign up use the button below.

On the course you will have fun, make friends, try and do things you have never done before, such as archery, bungee fitness, yoga and mindfulness.  Not for the on-line course.  You will leave this programme feeling alive and ready to take the next steps towards your personal success story.

Me-Learning is supported by the Job Centre and several other local organisations help deliver elements of the course. Course facilitators encourage and support you to work towards a better life - whatever that may be! It could include gaining employment, moving into volunteer work or going into education/training.  

Working with us and taking this course has also empowered two groups of women to set up their own community groups.  Together these women work to improve the lives of others in their areas. 

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Testimonial for Personal Destination Mapping (PDM) Programme (known today as Me-Learning)


"Excellent programme with tangible outcomes; its designed to crystallise what you are truly passionate about, with clear structure that allows for continuity and building. (Participant)


The whole process made me feel more confident as I personally was going through a different journey.  Now I need to start working on my limiting beliefs and put energy behind what I truly believe in. (Participant)



Understanding ourselves can be quite a skill, and realising what we want out of life can be equally challenging.  Working through the process, (Me-Learning) the team were able to focus on themselves personally and professionally, which has given them some direction of where they want to be in life.

I have personally seen them achieve more confidence and have the ability to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses. Leading people can be difficult at times, knowing and understanding your team is a major benefit for any organisation that believe in their people and wants to empower them.  This is crucial for any business that wants to achieve success and make it a better place for everyone to work in." - Business Advisor, Local Business Centre"