The Directors

Tracy Todd, director and co-founder of The Equality Practice, has over twenty-five years' experience in project management and organisational & people development.  She excels at project design, measurement and implementation, as well as the design and delivery of new concepts, ideas and training programmes that really make a difference to the lives of people.  She is able to think strategically, as well as creatively, and sees challenges as opportunities.  Tracy is passionate about fairness and giving everyone an opportunity to aspire and achieve, independent of their background, beliefs, ethnicity or any other factor affecting an individual's ability to thrive in our world.

Jill Wilson, director and co-founder of The Equality Practice, is an EDI practitioner and has over twenty years experience working in business and the community.  


Iwona Fraczczak is a director and local business woman, specialising in accounting and payroll.

Thelma Hairwadzi  is a director and local business woman. She is passionate about supporting diverse communities in our region.