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Vision 20/20 is the creation of an independent, stand alone brand, inspired by local, ethnically diverse people who experience racism regularly.  


Anti-racism is what brought them together, but it is fairness that is the uniting factor.  Many individuals support Vision20/20 and lend their voice to the campaign via the #IncludingMe zoomcast.  These are published each Friday morning on our Facebook page @seeingvalueindifference.

Above and below you can see the logos.  Individuals and businesses can proudly use them to show their support for racial equality and for fairness.  They can be displayed via social media, within business establishments, in car windows, on shop doors, firmly asserting to everyone, this is a ‘Zero tolerance to racism and prejudice’ location.  Upon successful marketing, it is a brand that will encourage inclusion, respect, and tolerance.


Tulu Draws, a professional local artist, worked with the Anti-Racism steering group to create this professional and recognisable logo/brand. 

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Part of Vision 20/20, includes a series of pod/zoomcasts which feature people from
diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and identities. 
See the #IncludingMe page.